This little piggy…

{run away now if you’re a wee bit squeamish}
Well, it’s not THAT bad..but if you HATE creepy crawlies…stop now!

So, there I was, minding my own business, walking to the garage last Friday to get something or other (I can’t remember) to pack to go camping for the 4th of July holiday and a wayward bee decided to flit up from his perch on a clover blossom and get caught between my flip flop and my middle toe. Needless to say, he was a bit perturbed about it all so he pointed his stinger between my toes and…zap!

Yeow! I hopped back to the house and had my hubby check to see if the stinger was still there. Sure enough, it was 🙁 . He tweaked it out with the tweezers (while I looked away). Luckily, I’m not allergic to bees and the pain went away fairly quickly. The camping weekend was a big success and my bee sting didn’t flare up at all. Pesky mosquitos, on the other hand…but that’s another story.

One week later (today), while driving on the highway, I felt a sharp prick-type pain on my middle toe (yes, the same toe). Thinking it was just a mosquito bite rubbing on my flip flop strap (yes, the same flip flops), and since I couldn’t reach down to scratch it while driving, I wiggled my foot to rub it against the strap. When I got home, the toe was still itchy and looked a little swollen. I noticed a pin prick sized opening on the top that was oozing clear liquid (the white blood cell army was hard at work!). Hmmm…not a mosquito bite after all…it’s a spider bite! I had to go to work so I put some hydrocortisone cream and a bandaid on it. I went back to the car and checked the floor mat to see if there was a dead spider there, but didn’t find one.

This afternoon it looked and felt a bit more swollen so on the way home from work I called the doctor to ask if I should come in or if I could just treat it at home. The nurse said to take benadryl, soak it in epsom salts, elevate it, and if it doesn’t get better by tomorrow, I should go to urgent care.

Now, it’s a few hours later and the swelling has spread to my other toes and the pad of my foot. I think I’m going to have to go to urgent care tonight. Phooey.

Stay tuned!

{no, I won’t post pictures!)

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