Itsy Bitsy Spider Update

So here it is, a few days later and my wee toe is doing much better. I started feeling a little odd as the afternoon wore on so we went to the ER on Thursday night and discovered I was having a mild anaphylactic reaction to the bite. They gave me an antihistamine shot (that burned like FIRE!) and some antibiotics, bandaged up the toe, and after a final check to see that my heart rate was calming down, I got to go home. The bestest part of all was that we were only there for 2 hours! That never happens!

On Saturday we went to an old fashioned company picnic. There was an air-brush ‘tattoo’ artist doing fun stencil designs for the kids. One of the stencils was – you guessed it – a spider! Yup, I just HAD to do it! LOL!

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