It’s a New Year…how about starting a new photo/memory project?

Don’t roll your eyes at me…it’s easier than you think! Why do a year-long or month-long or week-long project like this? Have you ever wondered what daily life was like for your ancestors in the early 1900s or the 1800s or even farther back? I would LOVE to be able to read a daily journal with or without pictures from back then. This is your opportunity to give that gift to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren…and so on.

What? No kids and not planning on having any? No problem. Do it for yourself! I did a ‘Year in Review’ project in 2007 and ‘Project 365’ in 2008 and love looking back at the photos even though is was just a few years ago.

Newly married or planning on getting married this year? What a great way to remember your first year (with all it’s ups and downs) together. I wish I had done that…it’s all a blur now after 20+ years.

Ok, still not convinced? Use one of these projects to work on your photography skills! When you commit to taking a photo every day, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment and learn more about what your camera can do.

Here are some of the projects you can choose from:

Project 365 – take a photo every day
Project 52 – take a photo every week
A Year in Review – take a few photos every month
A Week in Our Life – take a few photos every day for a typical week
A Month in Our Life – take a few photos every day for a typical month
A Year of Weekends – take a few photos every weekend
Monday Me – take a photo of yourself every Monday (you can easily combine this one with Project 365)

There is lots of free information online about any of these projects…just do a search on any of the terms. Big Picture Classes is one of the scrapbooking education web sites that has a few classes that may work for you. it’s always more fun to do a project like this in a group…it makes you both more accountable and more inspired. One of the classes I am taking is “One Little Word” (the Celtic version could be “One Wee Word” – LOL!) with Ali Edwards on Big Picture Classes. And, because I got a new DSLR camera I need to learn how to use better, I’m also going to do Project 365 again.

What do you do with all your photos after you’ve taken them? First, back up the files…seriously! Then, you can post them on a blog, Facebook,, Flikr, etc. Print them and put them in an album or create scrapbook pages with them. Create digital scrapbook pages either using a template or creating your own and then have them all printed as a photobook (I like this option best).

In the next post, I’ll go more in depth about the projects and what to do with them. Meanwhile, go take some pictures!

By the way, if you are reading this after January 1st, don’t worry about getting behind. Choose one of the projects that doesn’t require a daily photo. You can do this!

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