How to reduce your New Year’s resolutions into One Simple Word!

Many people choose one word each January 1st to focus on and guide them through the year. It can be a personal goal like the word ‘love’ or a business goal like ‘success’ or a fitness goal like ‘strong.’ Words contain energy, images, and meaning…don’t pick yours too hastily.

Last year, the word I chose was short and sweet. I chose the word ‘do.’ Was it a successful word? Sure…I ‘did’ a lot of stuff…LOL! Then again, I came to the realization that it was too generic and too easy (in my own opinion)…more on that later.

How to ‘find’ your word

Last year, as I was starting to think about what my one word was going to be, I started noticing that the famous quote by Yoda (of Star Wars fame), “Do or do not, there is no try.” was popping up in all kinds of random places, in things that I was reading, and in my personal environment. Yoda was everywhere and a special Star Wars exhibit even came to Seattle. I felt that for some reason, I needed to pay attention to the word “Do.”

Choosing your word should be like that…it should choose you. (However, as I think back now, one year later, I think my one word should have actually been “Yoda.”)

If you need help finding your word, here’s a link to get a free tool (worksheet) to help you come up with your word for 2012:

After you choose your word, consider keeping a blog, journal, or art journal/scrapbook for the year with daily, weekly, or monthly updates on how you and your word interact throughout the year. If you’d like to have some monthly guidance on a project like that, I highly recommend Ali Edwards, year-long online class called ‘One Little Word’ on

So, another year is here and it’s time to choose my One Simple Word…I’m still thinking.

By the way, I am not affiliated with either person recommended above…just passing on some information I liked.

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