How to Become a Digital Scrapbook Designer

Have you ever thought you might want to take the leap and become a digital scrapbook designer? Maybe you’ve been digiscrapping for a while and you just can’t find the supplies you would like to use for your memory keeping or hybrid projects…maybe you’ve been on a creative team for a while and want to take the next step and go pro but you just don’t know where to start… Starting today I’ll be answering all your questions, sharing tips and tricks and helping you on your journey down the digi designer path.


This is not a “how to use your software” guide or a “how to use your computer” tutorial, so let’s start with a basic assumption: You are already familiar with your chosen hardware and graphics software.

Throughout this series you’ll find that the answer to everything is usually, “It all depends…” Don’t get frustrated with that, though, because everyone’s situation is different and you will need to make your choices depending on what works for you.

Going Pro – the Big Decision

So you want to become a digi designer…great! Why? No, really, ask yourself why and be honest.
My best advice to you is…”Don’t quit your day job!” Seriously, this isn’t a get-rich quick profession for most designers. Most designers do it because they love making custom designs for their own scrapbooking use as well as for other people. Other designers do it for the love of design and don’t even scrapbook themselves.

Did you know designing isn’t just a way to get all those creative ideas out of your head – it’s also a great way to learn new techniques and explore all the things your graphics programs can do? Maybe that’s all you really want to do; not actually sell your designs.

Homework: let’s go old school for this one…

Grab a cup of tea (or any favorite beverage) and sit down at your kitchen table with a piece of lined paper and a pencil.
1. Write down three goals you want to achieve as a digiscrap designer.
2. Write down some pros and cons of being a digital scrapbooking designer that you can think of…try for at least five, but the more, the better.
3. If you feel like sharing them, add them in the comments here.

Next up: Choosing the Right Hardware and Software


  1. Three goals you want to achieve as a digiscrap designer: I always had a addiction of being creative, There is a lot of things I need to learn and think digiscrap designer could help me get started. I like to share with others what I can do.

    pros and cons of being a digital scrapbooking designer:

    Pros of being a digital scrapbooking designer would give me more creative skills that I can teach my daughter when she gets older. I enjoy being creative and show off my hard work.

    Cons of being a digital scrapbooking designer would be that some of ideas I have in my head that someone already discover it. Don’t have any money to be a designer cause I don’t work.

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