Fall and the coming of Samhain

It’s a crisp fall morning and plans for the traditional Samhain (pronounced sow-en) fire festival party we’re attending on the 30th are rolling around in my head. For a wee bit of the background of this Celtic holiday, see my posting from last year: http://www.thedigitalcelt.com/happy-samhain/

Many people don’t realize it was actually the carving of turnips that dominated early Samhain (Hallows ‘een) festivities, not the more popular pumpkin of today. Carve your own with the directions found here: http://mysite.verizon.net/cbladey/turnip.html

Happy Samhain and Happy Halloween. This is the beginning of Winter…harvest that which you have planted, celebrate it, and share it. May we all emerge together a brighter, stronger, and happier community in the Spring!

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