Clan Pack: MacGregor with Bonus Printable!

Clan Pack: MacGregor with Bonus Printable!Here’s the perfect way to scrap your Clan events, a Scottish wedding, or a trip to the historic Clan lands in Scotland. The tartans have been authentically reproduced with the official thread counts.

Special Note: You CAN use these items for personal events (such as weddings), Clan correspondence or handouts at your local Highland Games but you CANNOT use them to produce items for sale or for web designs.

If you wish to produce items for sale or use them on a website, please contact me for a “Commercial Use” license. It’s easy and not expensive.

The pack includes:
2 12×12 tartan papers: 1 MacGregor Red & Green (Modern) and MacGregor Red & Black (Rob Roy)
1 silver Clan crest
1 silver Clan name word art
2 12″ tartan ribbon
8 glass tartan buttons
2 tartan bows
2 curly ribbons
2 Christmas ornaments

Bonus: A printable 4×6 Clan postcard!


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