Do you print your digital pages? Here’s a Snapfish coupon!

Are your beautiful digital pages languishing on your hard drive or archived on a CD* or DVD*? Gather them up and print them in a book – you’ll be so glad you did!

There’s just something wonderful that happens when you hold a physical photo album and flip through the pages – especially when you’re sitting side-by-side with a friend or family member. Comments like, “I remember…” and “That was so fun!” and “Oh, how cute!” can really make your day when you can share your photos like that. It can also take your story telling to a more personal level by giving you the opportunity to talk about the photos or event in more detail. It’s just not quite the same when you’re sitting in front of a computer monitor or sharing the photos on your phone, is it?

One of the best things I ever did was print out two of my digi albums: one about my son’s advancement to Chief in the Navy and our trip to San Diego to see the ceremony and the other my very first year-in-review album. They turned out so beautifully and I was able to make a copy for family members – LOVE THAT!!!

Why was it the best thing I ever did? I had a disastrous external hard drive (EHD) crash soon after and lost 6 yrs of photos – including those I used in the albums. It was a very hard lesson in backing up, too. The moral of the story – PRINT your pages – and print often! Oh, and store your photos (and your layouts) on more than one EHD or online server!!!

To help you get your pages printed, Snapfish is offering a coupon for 50% off all photo books – ALL sizes! The coupon code is OCTBOOKS and is good through October 19 by 10 p.m. PST. What’s the best part of this deal? It’s unlimited so you can create as many books as you like within that time frame and you don’t have to stick to the standard 20 page books; additional pages are included in the discount! By the way, just in case you were planning on using their pre-designed themes, the Disney designs are NOT included in the offer (it must be a licensing thing).

* Did you know that your treasured photos and layouts that are archived on CDs and DVDs will NOT last forever? Stay tuned for an in depth discussion of archival problems and some great solutions.

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