Disaster can strike anyone – anytime…

The dreaded external hard drive (EHD) crash has hit without warning. Of course, I didn’t have a backup. Of course, it’s the one with my photos (for the past 6 years!) on it. Of course, it’s also the one with my digiscrapping purchases and freebie downloads on it…over 10,000 files…nicely categorized by artist. Over 200 gb of my life…clicking away and ‘drive not recognized’. Crap.

The only wee light at the end of the tunnel is that it happened while I was transferring my own digi designs and kits in process to a new EHD and I got almost all of them. 😉

So here’s the story of my journey to EHD recovery…

1. Reboot laptop…maybe it’s just overworked…no luck.
2. Take to work and see if it works on my laptop there…no luck.

3. Give to geek friend to have it evaluated (without opening the case)…no luck.
4. Check warranty…still covered but they don’t get your files back – just new hardware.
5. Take to local professional shop to try recovery software (without opening the case)…no luck. $90. They recommend taking it to a local recovery pro shop with a cleanroom who will open it up and try to save the data.

6. Call pros and make appt for next week. $100. Recovery not guaranteed but if they can, it may cost over $1000. Ouch.
7. Buy new 500gb EHD for recovered files…positive thinking. $179.
8. Start researching online storage options for backups. I have a web site with lots of space on it…I never thought to backup my files there until a design buddy mentioned it! Doh!
9. Back up all other internal and external drives…immediately.

Are my files worth it…yes. Are my fingers and toes crossed…yes.
Stay tuned…and learn from my misfortune: BACK UP YOUR FILES! NOW!


  1. TragedyScrapinAnne says:

    wow!!! Yep backed everything last week, whew you making me nerves…lol

    Congrats on newer biggger EHD!!!

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