A wee joke tae make ye smile!

At an auction in Glasgow, a wealthy American announced that he had lost his wallet containing £10,000 and would give a reward of £100 to the person who found it.
From the back of the hall, a Scottish voice shouted, “I’ll give £150!”

Last Saturday was the last day of the world…did you miss it?

What happens when you expect the world to end and you still wake up the following morning? Have no fear, apparently it’s REALLY REALLY gonna happen on October 21st, 2011. But wait! Now you have plenty of time to have an ‘apocalyptic’ crop party where all of your scrappin’ buddies can make a minibook all about LASTS!

Noelle Hyman, of Paperclipping.com, has created a great list of prompts to get you started creating for the end of it all…LOL!

Here’s a couple:
6. What was the last thing you ate?
11. What was your last Twitter or Facebook status update?
15. What was your last creative act?

How did you spend last Saturday, May 21st?
I was just getting home from a 7-day cruise to Alaska with my aunt and mom (girls only). We joked about staying on the ship and being a floating community (anyone seen Kevin Costner?).

At home, I spent some time catching up on e-mails and Facebook (of course!) before dinner and a DVR session (catching up on Bones and Sanctuary) with my honey. On Sunday, we woke to a nice sunny, spring morning with the cats meowing to get outside. Nothing fabulous – just normal. 😉

May The 4th Be With You!

I’m celebrating “Star Wars Day” today by going with my family to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. I have some SW scrapbooking papers and embellies {thank you Lisa from scrappindealsnsteals.com!} just waiting to be used…how perfect is that!

The Fox Network has set up a cool countdown page with a cryptic message saying, “All will be revealed.” Ooooo! It should have been written as if Yoda had said it: “Revealed all will be.”

“Feel the force!” (Yoda)

Welcome Mari!

May was an eventful month for our family…

A new granddaughter…

a vacation…

and a nasty virus (I’m better now!).

Seattle Beer Week is coming!

drink local beerThe first ever Seattle Beer Week is scheduled for the 7th through the 17th of May – a ten day week! It will highlight the best of what Seattle and the Northwest beer community has to offer – from the numerous award winning breweries and world class pubs to a community of beer lovers like no other. Seattle Beer Week is 10 days of bubbly fun at over 100 different events all around the greater Seattle area. The schedule is filled with brewer dinners, mini-beer festivals, and special limited edition brews made just for the event.

The kick off event is May 7th from 5-7 pm at Pike Brewing in the lower level of Pike Place Market. They will release a never seen or tasted before Double IPA as the inaugural commemorative brew.

But wait! There’s more!

You know the night can’t possibly end at 7 pm…that’s inconceivable! (Vizzini, The Princess Bride) Both before and after the kick off there are numerous places to enjoy a tasty beverage or three.

  • The Pub at Pipers Creek is featuring a Boulder Beer Happy Hour with a release of the new India Brown Anniversary Ale (4-6 pm)
  • Beveridge Place Pub is featuring a full night of Cask beer
  • Bottleworks is having an Iron Horse Brewing tasting.
  • The Park Pub is holding a Boulder Beer Brewers night (just in case you missed the one at Pipers Creek) featuring great beers, swag, and the release of the new India Brown Anniversary Ale (7-10 pm)

For more information, here’s a great calendar of events and here’s the official Seattle Beer Week web site.


Play the Google Search Game

Here’s a fun time waster you can share with your friends and family. It’s sort of like the popular fill-in-the-blank travel game, Mad-Libs. Some of the answers you find online may be a bit risque, so you’ll have to be your own “appropriateness police” if you want to share it with your kids.

In the Google Search bar, add your name and the additional word or words (remember to include the quotation marks) and click ‘search’ or press ‘enter.’ Make sure to use the featured text from the first link that comes up…otherwise it’s cheating!!!

1) “[your name] needs”
2) “[your name] looks like”
3) “[your name] says”
4) “[your name] wants”
5) “[your name] does”
6) “[your name] hates”
7) “[your name] asks”
8) “[your name] likes”
9) “[your name] eats”
10) “[your name] wears”
11) “[your name] was arrested for”
12) “[your name] loves”

Here’s my answers:

1) Catriona needs to lend me her boobs.
2) Catriona looks like she is flying.
3) Catriona says “It’s a fair question.”
4) Catriona wants Daisy healed.
5) Catriona does not have any public playlists.
6) Catriona hates the alcoholic former good-time girl who was the antithesis of the good mother.
7) Catriona asks Dave if he could write her a reference she could show to future employers.
8) Catriona likes that Mathew Wilder song I have on my iPod.
9) Catriona eats up her breakfast.
10) Catriona wears a special uniform hat.
11) Catriona was arrested for treason.
12) Catriona loves braids.


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