How to get the perfect shade of color

Hex Color Tool

In Smashing Magazine’s newsletter today, they reviewed a new tool to help you get just the right shade of color for your project. You can use the HexColorTool in any browser and just enter the six-digit hex value of your color, select either lighter or darker, and use the handy slider to choose a percentage. Have fun playing with your colors!


It’s time to scrapbook and learn and create

Springtime must be a good time for creative learning. Why? Because I just realized I’ve signed up to participate in two major online paper crafting/memory keeping events at the end of this month and followed by (inter)National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, May 5th!

Wowzaa! What a spring!!!

First, True Scrap 3 happens on April 20th and 21st and is a jam-packed virtual scrapbooking and memory keeping weekend with all the fun and excitement of in-person scrapbooking events and none of the traveling and parking hassles.

  • 15 instructors, 5 make-and-takes, and a virtual pajama party!
  • Almost 20 hours of class instruction
  • Learn to use the products and tools I already own (what a concept!)
  • Full access to the video replays to watch at my own pace

Shape Up Your Scrapbooking in Spring Training 2012And second, after a two-day rest (LOL!), I’m attending the Spring Training 2012 event by Ella Publishing. It’s a longer event that runs for 12 days from April 23rd to May 3rd and features a series of targeted daily “exercise” sessions led by five pro scrapbookers. They guarantee to:

  • jumpstart my creativity and exercise my scrapbooking muscles
  • inspire me to lead a healthy and balanced crafting lifestyle
  • give me new skills to try AND remind me of important foundational principles
  • get me in tip-top scrapbooking shape just in time for (inter)National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, May 5th!

They are also having daily give-aways, live chats, bonus downloads, and daily challenges – yay! Best of all, for those of us who may have other things to do during the 12 days, access to the videos and special forum never expires. I know I’ll be taking advantage of that for sure!

Why not join me and get in the best scrapbooking shape of your life with Spring Training 2012!

And now for something completely different…

I just found out that the moon will pass the constellation of Taurus during the April 21-24 time period making the New Moon on April 21st one of the most spectacular of 2012. During the four days is supposed to be a really potent money-making time, so set your sights on developing one or more of your personal talents with the intention of marketing it in the future. Woot! 

3 Ways to Identify and Avoid Pinterest Spam Attackers

Have you suddenly gotten email notices that a bunch of people you don’t know are  following ALL of your boards on Pinterest? Don’t just blindly follow them back! Here’s what’s going on…

Apparently since mid March, some unscupulous people out there are creating fake accounts, pinning one or two photos into hundreds of pin boards, and inking these pins to sites that launch a variety of money-making scams. Then, they go out and find people by the hundreds to follow – hoping you’ll blindly follow them back and click through on their pins which will make them a bunch of money.

I contacted the good folks at Pinterest when I started getting these ‘people’ following me and reported them. I got a reply soon after that said, “Thanks for letting us know! When I clicked the links, the accounts appear to have been removed already. We have automatic spam-detection features in place or someone else on the team may have suspended them – either way, if you come across others, please let us know. Again, we hugely appreciate your reports, thank you!”

Yay, Pinterest!

It’s unfortunate that this great web site is being attacked like this daily, but it’s awesome to know that they have a solution in place. Major kudos to Ben and the gang!

So, how can you tell if a new follower of your boards is one of these spammers?

1. When you get an email notice that someone (or a bunch of someones) is following you, click on their name to check out who they are.

2. On the top of the pinterest screen, do you see hundreds of boards, very few followers, and hundreds of people they are following?

3. Is there only one or two pins per board and sometimes the board title doesn’t even match the picture of the pin?

Most likely this is a fake person and one of the spammers. You can click through a pin to see where it goes, but that will usually earn them some money because they get paid everytime someone clicks on their links. Another problem you may run into if you click through…a virus may download onto your computer…ack!

My advice…don’t click. Just delete that email notice and get back to pinning!

Hey, you can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest logo in the sidebar at the right.

Pin ya later!

Join me at True Scrap 3 – a virtual scrapbooking convention!

True Scrap 3Have you ever wanted to go to a scrapbooking convention, but live too far from one of the cities where most of them are held?

Well, now you can!

On April 20-21, True Scrap 3 will bring paper crafting, digital design, journaling, photography, Cricut fun, inspiration, organization, and virtual make-and-takes right to your desktop. You don’t even need to change out of your PJs because you’re logging on right from home!

Lain Ehmann, of Layout-a-Day fame and the author of the Super-Secret Guide for Faster Scrapbooking, has gathered together 15 of the most well-known scrapbooking professionals for this 2-day creativity extravaganza.

Join Becky Higgins, Katrina Kennedy, Anna Aspnes, Gretchen Schmidt, Erin Bassett, Ana Cabrera, Noell Hyman, and lots more inspirational teachers AND hundreds! of fellow scrapbookers for this fabulous online event.

Click here to view more details and check out the great lineup of instructors, classes, and make-and-takes.

I know you’ll want to sign up…I did!
(Actually, I’ve participated in all the fabulous past True Scraps, too!)

Wait a moment…what if you have a life (LOL!) and you’re busy or out of town on the weekend of April 20-21 and you just can’t spend the entire weekend scrapping during the live event?

Good news! You can watch the recordings later on, anytime it’s convenient for you!
(I love that because, like you, I do have a life!!)

Don’t miss out on this fabulous online event!

Wanna know something else cool? Did you notice that this is True Scrap “3”? That’s right…there’s a True Scrap 1 and True Scrap 2 (playfully titled “Spawn of True Scrap”) that you can still signup for and view all the recordings – Woot!

Join me (and a few hundred of your new best friends!) at True Scrap 3 and “Let’s get scrappy!!”


Do you print your digital pages? Here’s a Snapfish coupon!

Are your beautiful digital pages languishing on your hard drive or archived on a CD* or DVD*? Gather them up and print them in a book – you’ll be so glad you did!

There’s just something wonderful that happens when you hold a physical photo album and flip through the pages – especially when you’re sitting side-by-side with a friend or family member. Comments like, “I remember…” and “That was so fun!” and “Oh, how cute!” can really make your day when you can share your photos like that. It can also take your story telling to a more personal level by giving you the opportunity to talk about the photos or event in more detail. It’s just not quite the same when you’re sitting in front of a computer monitor or sharing the photos on your phone, is it?

One of the best things I ever did was print out two of my digi albums: one about my son’s advancement to Chief in the Navy and our trip to San Diego to see the ceremony and the other my very first year-in-review album. They turned out so beautifully and I was able to make a copy for family members – LOVE THAT!!!

Why was it the best thing I ever did? I had a disastrous external hard drive (EHD) crash soon after and lost 6 yrs of photos – including those I used in the albums. It was a very hard lesson in backing up, too. The moral of the story – PRINT your pages – and print often! Oh, and store your photos (and your layouts) on more than one EHD or online server!!!

To help you get your pages printed, Snapfish is offering a coupon for 50% off all photo books – ALL sizes! The coupon code is OCTBOOKS and is good through October 19 by 10 p.m. PST. What’s the best part of this deal? It’s unlimited so you can create as many books as you like within that time frame and you don’t have to stick to the standard 20 page books; additional pages are included in the discount! By the way, just in case you were planning on using their pre-designed themes, the Disney designs are NOT included in the offer (it must be a licensing thing).

* Did you know that your treasured photos and layouts that are archived on CDs and DVDs will NOT last forever? Stay tuned for an in depth discussion of archival problems and some great solutions.

zozi – take yourself on an adventure!

Here’s something fun you might want to check out. I just signed up for a digital photo class and Seattle city photo tour on a site called zozi. It’s kinda like Groupon, but is more geared to learning and having physical experiences [such as yoga, salmon fishing, wine tasting, adventure vacations, etc].

When I was on jury duty a couple of years ago in downtown Seattle, I would go out on my lunch breaks to take photos with my little Canon point-n-shoot. But this will be way better with a guide/instructor and my new dslr and zoom lens. 😉 Zozi has experiences listed in lots of cities…maybe yours, too.

If you click on the link and sign up, BOTH you and I get a $10 credit to spend with them on another class. It’s not real money but it will encourage us to take another adventure or learn a new skill…


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