The Clan Packs are back!

Clan Pack: MacDonald with Bonus Printable! Clan Pack: MacGregor with Bonus Printable!

The Clan Packs are starting to arrive in the shop beginning with Clan Donald and Clan Gregor.
These two clans are great friends so it seems filling that they debut together.

They have been revamped to include a special tartan Christmas ornament and in some cases, a pretty tartan egg. Clan Gregor now includes the MacGregor red & black tartan (aka Rob Roy). ribbons, ornament, and buttons, too.

If you create a layout or some other project using the designs, let me know. I’d love to feature yours here!


Shhh…it’s a Pre-Grand Opening and a Super Sale!

Oh, who am I kidding…go ahead and shout it to the world!

The Digital Celt’s designs are back and in my own wee digishop hosted right here!
I’m dusting off some of my more popular designs and will be adding new goodies, too.

B-School Pay What You Can Bundle


To start things off with a bang, I’m having a “Pay What You Can” sale where you can get 4 of my most popular kits, 5 template sets, and 1 paper pack – over $50 worth of goodies for as low as a $5 donation! Of course, the more you donate, the better your Karma points will be and the faster I can reach my fundraising goal!

What the heck am I talking about?

Here’s the scoop…I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School which starts today and I need to raise some cash to pay for it! The price of B-School is $1999 and I’ll be honest, when I saw that number, I didn’t think I could do it. But I cranked up my imagineering brain, opened my heartspace, and let the ideas flow. That’s how this awesome sale got started.

If only 400 lovely creatives buy this B-School Pay What You Can Bundle at $5, I can go to B-School!
If only 200 fabulous creatives buy this B-School Pay What You Can Bundle at $10, I can go to B-School!
If only 100 awesome creatives buy this B-School Pay What You Can Bundle at $20, I can go to B-School!

That’s all still much, much less than half-price for this whole bundle…and I get into B-School. We all win!

Can ya help a sista out?



A Creative and Very Scottish Way to Say “I Love You!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose!

Robert Burns, Scotland’s national bard, is often regarded as a pioneer of the romantic movement, penning some of poetry’s most beautiful prose. has created an innovative way to really tell your loved one how much you love them this Valentine’s Day in a most clever way. You can send a one-of-a-kind video ecard of yourself reciting one of Burns’ most famous poems, My Luve is like a Red, Red Rose.

Send your sweetheart an awesome ecard now! >

Capturing the 12 Days of Yule

Winter Solstice Greetings!

The Yuletide season (December 20-31) is a time for honoring the clan, both living and dead, and for celebrating the rebirth of the sun in the depth of winter. It is marked by feasting, gift giving, visiting friends and kin, and remembering those family members who have died. Yule marks the death of one year and the birth of another, as a turning of the endless cycle.

12 Daily Photo Ideas

Many scrapbookers (both digital and paper) and photographers document the holiday season each year with photo album and mini-book projects such as Ali Edwards’ “December Daily” and Becky Higgins’ “Project Life.” Since I’m all about the Celtic way of life, here’s a new project with a suitable Celtic twist…”Capturing the 12 Days of Yule.”  The idea is to take a photo (or photos) everyday that represent this special time of year to you and your loved ones. I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with what to take a picture of each day, so I’ve put together this wee list that may help. Download the PDF here. It’s fairly generic to allow you to use your creativity…but I did check out the date of the full moon and added it on the 28th for you.

It’s a busy time of year so don’t feel you have to make something tangible with your project. Why not post your photos on your blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed. Make it simple and joyful.

Bonus Journaling Cards

If you do want to make something with your photos and you’re into the “Project Life” type of scrapbooking or just love using journaling cards to embellish your designs, I’ve also put together four 3”x4” journaling cards for you. Download them here (also a PDF file). Print them, write on them, and then cut them out to use in your project. You can also open the PDF in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and use them in a digital project.

If you use them, please send a link to your project so we can all Oooo and Ahhh over it!  Surprised smile

Have a warm and comforting Yule season. Slàinte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}

Mourning the death of another scrapbooking magazine

SBE magazine April 2012Scrapbooks, etc. (SBE) magazine announced on May 9th that they will cease production after the August 2012 edition.

Meredith Corporation has made the difficult decision to close Scrapbooks etc. effective with the August 2012 issue. Scrapbooks etc. has been the longtime brand leader within the scrapbooking industry, but due to the longer term business forecast for the franchise and the industry, the corporation has chosen to cease publishing within this marketplace.

I think author and scrapbooking expert, Lain Ehmann, analyzed this untimely exit of another scrapbooking magazine correctly on her blog post. It seems it’s really just a matter of advertisers and where they feel their advertising dollars are best spent. Lain explains that advertisers are realizing that rather than spending their money on traditional print media…

They can get better return on their advertising dollars by sponsoring posts on blogs, advertising in the sidebar of leading blogs in the industry, running their own social media campaigns, or advertising via online ad networks or on Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

The SBE blog has posted some information for subscribers and fans about the fate of their newsletters, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and web site. Here’s what they have to say…

  • Newsletters: E-mail newsletters will continue to come until August 30. After that, you will be given the choice of signing up for a Better Homes and Gardens craft e-newsletter, which will include paper crafting, general crafts, DIY gifts and decor, and scrapbooking.
  • Social Media: The Facebook and Twitter pages will be shut down at the end of August. Until that time, we will continue posting new scrapbook content and answering any scrapbook-related questions. Our Pinterest will stay up, but will be branded with the Better Homes and Gardens logo.
  • Website: The website will continue to receive updates and showcase new content through August. After that time, the website will remain up for inspiration and scrapbooking ideas.

They also announced that after the August issue, remaining subscriptions will be replaced with issues of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Here’s their contact info for questions regarding your subscription:

Scrapbooks, etc. was the only scrapbooking magazine (that I know of) that had a digital version I could read on my tablet and that’s why I subscribed. If you’re interested in reading past issues on your mobile device, they will still be available on the Zinio website.  I sure wish they would consider just ditching the paper version and going all digital.

Silhouette 25% off sale for iNSD and Mom (or you)

Silhouette 25% off saleI’ve been coveting the Cameo and waiting for a good sale and figured they’d do one right about now with Mother’s Day coming up – and here it is! Unfortunately, it doesn’t count towards the Cameo, darn it!

However, if you were also waiting to get some accessories, starter kits, the cool tote, or the designer software, this is a really great time to fill up your shopping cart and get 25% off the total at

The sale only runs through May 8th, so hurry up and go get some goodies for yourself or your mom…I did! I can’t wait to dive into the designer software. Don’t forget to use promo code ROSES at checkout.

But wait! Are you like me and still need the Silhouette Cameo machine? You can get the machine and the vinyl starter kit bundle from Amazon for only $269.99 (and free 2-day shipping for Prime members) = a savings of 69.99! Click here to get your Cameo.

I know what I’ll be doing for International Scrapbooking Day (iNSD)…playing with my new toys! You can be sure that I’ll start with some Celtic patterns.  🙂





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