How to Make a Digital ATC

This layout shows a digital ATC and how easy it is to make your own!

Text: Start with a basic template and a ‘made by’ stamp for the back. On the front, add a background paper, a frame stamp, and three images. Size the images to fit inside the sections of the frame. Color the frame to compliment your images and place the layer above the image layers. With the frame layer selected, run a glitter action on it and place the resulting glitter frame on a layer above the original frame. With the paper layer selected, clip it to the card shape and merge the layers. Run a printed cardboard action on the layer and place the resulting cardboard shape on a layer above the original. You can delete the original or not…it’s up to you. Add the text and apply a metallic or embossed style. Save the file as a transparent .png and you’re done!

It uses digital art from Club Scrap and actions from Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: (on the ATC) Chinese Takeaway, (on the LO) SF Comic Script and Tekton Pro

“Gung Hay Fat Choy” is the greeting you say for Chinese New Year. Haggis is what you eat at a Robert Burns dinner. The two holidays frequently occur at the same time of year. We go to a dinner party extravaganza each year with 200 of our best friends (LOL!) to celebrate the two and it’s called “Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy!”
Read more about it here:

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Viovio! I love these guys!

I’ve been researching photobook printing services and sneaking up on the big guys is Viovio! What caught my eye at first was their ability to do a 5×5 minibook. After I lost a lot of my files on my EHD, I only had 6×6 versions of many of my layouts. Printing them at 5×5 was the perfect answer. Best of all, they are the most economical solution I’ve found!

Click the image below to check them out for yourself.


Here’s what my wee booklet looks like: glossy paper cover with 15 satin finish, back-to-back pages (featuring 30 layouts). The price for the 5×5 size includes two booklets…a nice feature for gift giving!
(Note: the cover in the photo below is smaller than the open booklet
because it’s a separate photo placed on top just so you could see it.)

Woo hoo! I got a new car!

(The man in the photo is the salesman.)

We’d been talking about getting a new car but hadn’t yet decided on one. We’ll, last week we were forced to bite the bullet…our old station wagon decided to go to the great “junk yard in the sky”…sigh!

Now we are the proud parents of a wee PT Cruiser! I never would have thought of owning one before but it really is a versatile little thing…it even has a jack for my MP3 player right in the radio! (I’m such a geek – LOL!) And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color…a soft, sparkly, medium blue…perfect for a Scot, eh? I already put a Saltire blanket on the back seat and a Courtney Davis window sticker on the back window. I think a wee bit of delicate Celtic knot pin striping would just be the best finishing touch…don’t you?

Text on the tag
My old Taurus station wagon, with over 300,000 miles on it, decided to finally give up. The transmission went out while I was driving to work and would only work in 1st gear or reverse. I limped home at 15 miles an hour and grabbed the truck to head in to work. When I took it to the repair guy at lunch time, he confirmed the worst and the cost of the repairs would be more than the car was worth. One of our friends got a PT last year and loved it. We decided to go test drive one and a few hours later we were signing the papers and had the keys in our hands! Weʼre going to donate the wagon to a charity.

Credits – all items by me
Papers: Full Moon Crazy kit
Charm: Affirmations Charms
Bow, ribbon, tag, staples, flower: Full Moon Crazy Add-on set (not yet available)
fonts: Plantagenet Cherokee, Vivaldi, Pristina

50 Wonderful Years!

I made this layout for a challenge on Ruby’s blog.

For my folk’s 50th anniversary all the kids and grandkids flew home for the weekend. We gathered on the beach for a family portrait. Wearing white shirts and jeans and being barefoot was my mom’s idea. She had seen another picture where the people were dressed like that and she loved the idea. I think it turned out great! My oldest son was not able to be there since he was in Hawaii for the Navy. He had a friend take his picture and I Photoshopped him in.

Credits: Rina Kroes’ free Download-a-Day “Strawberry Shake” kit from 3Scrapateers.

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}

PS – Rina is a fellow Pacific Northwest designer! Hi Rina!

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