Good Karma Friday – Do you LOVE Shutterfly?

Good Karma FridayOf course you do! For this Good Karma Friday, I have some great sales and promo codes from them to share with you. YAY!

Just click on the link you love and make something memorable today…or before 14 March anyway!

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Good Karma Friday: Martha Payne (Veg) and Mary’s Meals

Jamie Oliver (yes, THAT Jamie Oliver!) tweeted out about a wee girl in a primary school in Scotland who started a school lunch blog just this last May. Her goal was to take a picture of her school lunch every day and blog about it and the nutritional values with a simple rating system. Her school has been very supportive of the project.

Last year, Veg (as she calls herself) and her school friends began a project to raise money to support a charity lunch program called Mary’s Meals. She included a link on her blog so visitors could donate. She’s quite a girl!

Last month, Veg was interviewed by the BBC and, as you can expect, the school council took notice. In fact, yesterday, 14 June, the council asked her to stop taking photos of her lunches because of an article in a newspaper.

And then…

The power of social media stepped in and the indignation, amazement, and general uproar of the people was heard around the world! It took less than ONE day. Veg reported the good news today, Friday, that she will be back on Monday with a photo of her lunch!

Read her great blog, NeverSeconds, One primary school pupil’s daily dose of school dinners, and support Mary’s Meals. It’s good for your Karma.

Good Karma Friday: Payin’ it forward with handmade goodness

Here’s a nifty, creative way to pay it forward…

I promise to send something hand-made to the first 5 people who leave a comment here!

To really ‘pay it forward,” those 5 people must re-post this (either on their blog or FB page) and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status…and so on and so on and so on!

The only rules are that it must be hand-made by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2012. And don’t be intimidated, handmade doesn’t mean super fancy or complicated. It could be a poem, a song, a drawing, or anything YOU created.

I’m looking forward (get it!) to participating in this project. By the way, if you are person number 6 or beyond…don’t fret…start your own ‘Pay it Forward’ project. I did!

Good Karma Friday: Buy a book and help end malaria

It isn’t very often that a book has the power to save a life. End Malaria is more than a book, it’s a great cause. Kids around the world die every single day from malaria, a preventable disease that takes the life of a child every 45 seconds. For no good reason other than a lack of a malaria net.

Bestselling author Michael Bungay Stanier and Seth Godin of the Domino Project have created a world class book packed with essays by 62 of America’s favorite business authors on 8 topics: Tap Your Strengths, Create Freedom, Love and Be Kind, Disrupt Normal, Take Small Steps, Embrace Systems, Get Physical, and Collaborate. Best of all, they’re donating $20 from the sale of every copy in any format to Malaria No More.

The writers, the designers, the promoters, and the Domino Project all worked for free for months to bring this book to you, so you could step up and save someone’s life.

I hope you’ll buy a copy today even if you don’t buy books, even if you don’t even intend to read it, even if you don’t have a Kindle or a Kindle app. It would mean that you realized what a screaming bargain it is to pay $20 ($25 for the physical book) for the peace of mind that comes with saving someone’s life.

Good Karma Friday: The Quakebook

I read about this book today on Seth Godin’s Domino Project blog and the message is worth repeating.

“Quakebook” is a collection of short stories by people who were in the earthquake in Japan on 11 March 2011. It was inspired and compiled in record time by a group of volunteers all connected by Twitter.

Here’s a review from Seattle’s KOMO news (Channel 4):

The Kindle e-book is available to buy from anywhere in the world at or You don’t even need a Kindle. Just go to the order page and download (for free) a Kindle reader for your Mac, PC, or smart phone. 100% of the proceeds go to Japan Red Cross.

Buy this historic e-book today. It’s good for your karma…do it.

Good Karma Friday: Fisher Houses

The US Army has a program similar to Ronald McDonald House called Fisher House. They are comfortable, temporary homes filled with warm, caring people who help families endure the stresses associated with a loved one’s serious medical condition. Family members of an active duty or retired service member who is being treated at the nearby military hospital pay only $10.00* per night to stay in a Fisher House. In some locations, outpatients may also stay in the house. The typical stay is about 10 days but guest can stay as long as necessary…even up to a year if their military loved one needs extensive treatment.

Fisher House™ Foundation and the Fisher House™ program depends on public donations to continue its important work; the Army provides no financial support. The funding for the operations and maintenance of Army Fisher Houses comes primarily from two sources: the small service charge ($10 per family-night) and your charitable contributions.

Here’s your Good Karma Friday opportunities…

Donate Money!

Donated money is used to improve facilities, provide amenities for the guests, celebrate holidays, and enhance the range of services provided.

  • You can make a donation to benefit all the Army Fisher Houses by sending a check to the program’s main office. Click here for the address.
  • You can send a check directly to a specific Fisher House.
    Note: Donations made to a specific Army Fisher House are spent on that house.

Donate Frequent Flier Miles!

The nonprofit Fisher House Foundation administers the “Hero Miles” program for the Department of Defense. Through this program, frequent flyer members of designated airlines can donate their miles to the Fisher House Foundation who provides free airline tickets to military men and women and their families who are undergoing treatment at a military or VA medical center as a result of their service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Donate Time!

Fisher Houses depend on volunteers like you! All volunteering is done at the local level, and not through the Fisher House Foundation in Rockville, MD. Contact the manager of a Fisher House near you either by telephone or e-mail. The manager will let you know what they need help with.


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