How to be happier…one step at a time

The Happiness ProjectHere’s an easy happiness tip according to Gretchen Rubin….

Sometimes it can be fun to hang out in your pajamas all day, but if you’re feeling lethargic, powerless, or directionless, not getting dressed is going to make you feel worse. Put on your clothes — including your shoes — so you feel prepared for whatever the day might offer. While you’re at it, make your bed. (LOL!)

Find more happiness tips at the Happiness Project …I did!

zozi – take yourself on an adventure!

Here’s something fun you might want to check out. I just signed up for a digital photo class and Seattle city photo tour on a site called zozi. It’s kinda like Groupon, but is more geared to learning and having physical experiences [such as yoga, salmon fishing, wine tasting, adventure vacations, etc].

When I was on jury duty a couple of years ago in downtown Seattle, I would go out on my lunch breaks to take photos with my little Canon point-n-shoot. But this will be way better with a guide/instructor and my new dslr and zoom lens. 😉 Zozi has experiences listed in lots of cities…maybe yours, too.

If you click on the link and sign up, BOTH you and I get a $10 credit to spend with them on another class. It’s not real money but it will encourage us to take another adventure or learn a new skill…

Itsy Bitsy Spider Update

So here it is, a few days later and my wee toe is doing much better. I started feeling a little odd as the afternoon wore on so we went to the ER on Thursday night and discovered I was having a mild anaphylactic reaction to the bite. They gave me an antihistamine shot (that burned like FIRE!) and some antibiotics, bandaged up the toe, and after a final check to see that my heart rate was calming down, I got to go home. The bestest part of all was that we were only there for 2 hours! That never happens!

On Saturday we went to an old fashioned company picnic. There was an air-brush ‘tattoo’ artist doing fun stencil designs for the kids. One of the stencils was – you guessed it – a spider! Yup, I just HAD to do it! LOL!

This little piggy…

{run away now if you’re a wee bit squeamish}
Well, it’s not THAT bad..but if you HATE creepy crawlies…stop now!

So, there I was, minding my own business, walking to the garage last Friday to get something or other (I can’t remember) to pack to go camping for the 4th of July holiday and a wayward bee decided to flit up from his perch on a clover blossom and get caught between my flip flop and my middle toe. Needless to say, he was a bit perturbed about it all so he pointed his stinger between my toes and…zap!

Yeow! I hopped back to the house and had my hubby check to see if the stinger was still there. Sure enough, it was 🙁 . He tweaked it out with the tweezers (while I looked away). Luckily, I’m not allergic to bees and the pain went away fairly quickly. The camping weekend was a big success and my bee sting didn’t flare up at all. Pesky mosquitos, on the other hand…but that’s another story.

One week later (today), while driving on the highway, I felt a sharp prick-type pain on my middle toe (yes, the same toe). Thinking it was just a mosquito bite rubbing on my flip flop strap (yes, the same flip flops), and since I couldn’t reach down to scratch it while driving, I wiggled my foot to rub it against the strap. When I got home, the toe was still itchy and looked a little swollen. I noticed a pin prick sized opening on the top that was oozing clear liquid (the white blood cell army was hard at work!). Hmmm…not a mosquito bite after all…it’s a spider bite! I had to go to work so I put some hydrocortisone cream and a bandaid on it. I went back to the car and checked the floor mat to see if there was a dead spider there, but didn’t find one.

This afternoon it looked and felt a bit more swollen so on the way home from work I called the doctor to ask if I should come in or if I could just treat it at home. The nurse said to take benadryl, soak it in epsom salts, elevate it, and if it doesn’t get better by tomorrow, I should go to urgent care.

Now, it’s a few hours later and the swelling has spread to my other toes and the pad of my foot. I think I’m going to have to go to urgent care tonight. Phooey.

Stay tuned!

{no, I won’t post pictures!)


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